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Community Cleat Exchange Program

Community Cleat Exchange Program

When it comes to children, their feet often grow faster than soccer cleats wear out. This leaves our world with plenty of functional soccer equipment looking for new owners. Since new equipment is rarely cheap, our club realized we could save some families more than a few dollars and possibly, even give someone, who might otherwise be left off the pitch, a chance to play soccer.

For this reason, So Cal Pride FC has started the Community Cleat Exchange. This program was created to promote participation in youth sports programs and leagues by helping families offset the costs of purchasing new equipment. When young athletes outgrow equipment such as soccer cleats, they can exchange them for a larger size.

This exchange program is available to anyone who would like to participate and will work best if families are able to make exchanges. However, it is not limited to families who can exchange shoes. It is our hope to be able to gift shoes to anyone who needs them.

Important Notes About the Program

  • If cleats have damaged portions including holes or broken soles, please do not bring them, as it's rare anyone would accept them. 

  • ​Please clean cleats prior to drop-off.

  • Please tie laces together.

  • Adult must be present to take a pair

  • This is a free program; however please only one pair per child.

  • You are not required to donate to receive a free pair of cleats or other equipment.

  • No baseball or football cleats - only soccer cleats

  • All equipment will be on a first come, first serve basis.  We will not reserve cleats, and we cannot guarantee specific sizes will be available.  

Please Remember

Kid's feet grow. Please don't let your child's cleats go to waste after one season of use. 

Please consider donating your gently used soccer cleats to another child by So Cal Pride FC.

If you have any questions, please contact our admin at or call 213-375-4311

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